Sunday, 5 June 2011

Fluffy Whip

Here I am sat on in front of the laptop on a rainy Sunday evening. Today I have achieved 3 things:

I have bought some new running trainers
I have listed my old netbook on Ebay
I have bought "fluffy whip" cream

Of the 3, I think we are all agreed that the fluffy whip purchase is by far superior. I didnt have to concentrate on anything, didnt have to put it on and pretend I was a serious runner and didnt have to box it up and post it. Fluffy whip doesent pretend to be something it's not. It merely enhances my life with it's creamy goodness... If Fluffy whip could speak (which I sometimes get tricked into thinking it can but it is just the gas in the can releasing and squirting it out with a loud CHCHCHCHCHCH sound) it would say. "Hey! Why the long face? What is the point in getting so bogged down in the day to day mundane reality of a Sunday when you could just kick back and give a little squirt and feel great!? On fruit, on cake, HELL even straight into your mouth - give a little squirt and life is great!"

To me Fluffy whip feels right. There aren't many things I san say that about after squirting them onto fruit or, indeed, straight into my mouth. Fluffy whip makes me want to be a better person... no wait, that is a line from a film, I think. Yes. As good as it gets, I think... But nevertheless, Fluffy whip does make me feel less inhibited. It makes me feel comfortable with who I am and who I want to be. FLUFF THE WHIP UP!

That is all - Peas x

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